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About Longview

We are a property management and advisory firm that thrives on mutual prosperity. We build wealth with clients, not from clients. Our mission is to provide investors and home buyers with access to A-grade residential properties and help landlords achieve financial freedom with stress-free property management.

We leverage industry-leading data analytics and strong relationships to find, evaluate and purchase the finest residential properties (both on- and off-market). Our expertise allows us to boost rental income by leasing properties faster and we outperform traditional agencies in every suburb across Melbourne.

Property Management

Our team has been rated #1 in Melbourne for speed of letting (Source: Propic 2020) – minimising vacancy periods and protecting landlord cashflow. Our clients get $1000/year extra rental income on average and enjoy great peace of mind knowing that all their enquiries are addressed within 24 hours.

Property Advisory

Our experts gain a detailed understanding of your specific circumstances to confidently recommend whether to buy/sell and what to buy/sell for superior returns. We realised that most people seek professional help selling their houses but relatively few are aware of the hidden risks involved in buying properties without support. So, whether you wish to buy your first home, upgrade, downsize or invest, we offer independent guidance to avoid mistakes, eliminate stress and save valuable time and money.

Why use a Loan Comparison Genius?

We compare, you save

We'll find a great deal from over 27+ lenders (from big banks to building societies, credit unions and specialist lenders) which can save you serious money on your home loan.

Low rates

We combine cutting edge technology with our experienced team to find you the lowest possible rate for your circumstances

Protect your credit score

Applying for a loan won’t impact your credit score until you are ready to proceed

No nasty surprises

All lender fees and charges are fully disclosed upfront so you know exactly what it’s going to cost.

Easy. Apply in 10 minutes.

We’ve built a simple, easy and secure online system to fast track your loan request


We can help accelerate the approval process so you get into that dream home fast.

We aren’t owned by a bank

Our geniuses will provide you with advice that’s free of the shackles of big bank ownership.

Your Best Interests

We are legally obligated to act in your best interests and put you first. Banks don't need to do this.

Great Customer Service

We get a buzz from our happy clients

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How we find great rates

Step 1. Complete our online application

It only takes 10 minutes to kickstart the process. Includes a FREE no obligation consultation with a certified Genius.

Step 2: We search for the right lenders

Our geniuses go to work to find the right deal for your situation from a panel of over 27 lenders. All without hurting your credit rating.

Step 3: Choose your loan

We’ll present 3 great options and help you chose your preferred lender with complete transparency of rates and fee’s.

Step 4: Buy your home!

Sign the loan documents and buy that dream house (or refinance) knowing you've saved serious money on your home loan.


Refinancing your home loan just means that you take out a new home loan to replace your old one. But why would you do this we hear you ask? There are a lot of really good reasons. Here are just a few:

1. To reduce your loan costs

With interest rates falling over the last few years you can sometimes refinance your home loan at a lower interest rate. This could make your home loan repayments lower. Or you could elect to keep your monthly repayments the same and pay off the loan sooner. This will mean you own your own home or investment property sooner. That’s got to be good!

2. To free up some equity

If you’ve paid off a good portion of your home loan you may be able to use this equity for other things like a home renovation or anything else you can imagine.

3. Consolidate debts

You might have other types of loans like personal loans or credit cards. When you refinance you may be able to combine these debts with your home loan. This usually means a lower monthly interest bill because home loans generally have a lower interest rate than personal loans and credit cards. But remember, you’ll be paying these debts off over a longer period so you may pay more interest over time.

4. Take advantage of special offers

Sometimes lenders offer special discounts to new customers like cashback or lower interest rates. Refinancing to a new lender may let you enjoy these special perks but it’s important to understand the loans overall cost.

5. Get better loan features

Switching to a different home loan lender may allow you to make extra repayments, access redraw facilities or use offset accounts. These features can help you pay off your loan sooner or better manage your repayments.

When you take a new loan the lender will usually do a credit check. This credit check inquiry will be listed on your credit history. Because of this it’s best not to do a lot of credit checks because it could impact your credit score. This is why it’s smart to use a service like ours as we can assist the process and avoid multiple lenders doing credit checks.

Our expert services are free for most home and investment loans. We get paid by the lender for doing the work that would otherwise be done by a bank or lenders administration staff so you pay the same rate (or sometimes better) as if you went to the lender directly.


The Loan Comparison Genius key difference is that, unlike a bank, we can help you choose from a wide variety of lenders and get the best option for your needs from our panel of over 27 lenders.


We will only charge an administration fee for certain types of personal loans, business loans or short term loans. If you refinance or exit a home loan that we arrange within the first two years we may charge you a brokerage fee.


So, sit back and relax while we do all the hard work of finding you a great home loan for your situation from our panel of lenders.

Let’s face it - getting a housing loan is a big deal. It’s one of your biggest monthly expenses! If you shop around you can save serious money. However, shopping around can be confusing and time consuming. At Loan Comparison genius we take the pain out of getting a home loan. We do the hard work for you so you can skip hours of work when you apply online.


We’ll listen to your situation and find the best match for your personal circumstances from our panel of over 27+ lenders (from big banks, credit unions, building societies and specialist lenders).

Loan Comparison Genius is 100% privately Australian owned. We aren’t owned by the banks or other lenders so we are free to act in your best interests. Our credit representative number is  528539 authorised under Australian Credit License 383640.


The information in this document is for general information only and should not be taken as constituting professional financial advice from LongView or Loan Comparison Genius. LongView/Loan Comparison Genius is not a financial adviser. You should consider seeking independent legal, financial, taxation or other advice to check how the information contained in this document relates to your unique circumstances. LongView or Loan Comparison Genius is not liable for any loss caused, whether due to negligence or otherwise arising from the use of, or reliance on, the information provided to you in relation to your investment property portfolio.

Mortgage broking services are provided by Loan Comparison Genius Pty Ltd (ABN 17 719 332 325). Credit Representative number 528539 is authorised under Australian Credit Licence 384704. Property Management, Buyer Advisory, Property Sales, Vendor Advocacy and Owners Corporation Management services are provided by LongView Real Estate Pty Ltd (ABN 63 113 387 072). Disclaimer statement: All applications are subject to specific lending criteria. Your full financial situation will need to be reviewed prior to offer or acceptance of any offer or product. We promise we will never sell your email address to any third party or send you nasty spam. The information collected from the customer will only be used by Loan Comparison Genius and LongView. Please read our privacy policy for more information.