2021 Property Prices: Strongest Growth Since 2004

2021 Property Prices

Corelogic recently published a summary of property price growth for the 2021 financial year (12 months to June 2021).

The data is eye opening.

In the 2021 financial year national home values rose by 13.5%. Houses rose by 15.6% while units rose 6.8%.

This astonishing rate of growth is the highest annual rate of growth seen since April 2004.

You can see from the chart below that Darwin leads the charge in growth with a 21.0% gain while Melbourne was the lowest at 7.7% (which is still really strong).

Median values rose to $645,454.

Surely this pace of growth cannot continue. Many economists are forecasting property price growth through to the end of 2022 then an easing. Of course, your crystal ball is as good as anyones!

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